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Frequently Asked Questions


Question # 1: My business is different than most, are you sure your lead generation strategies will work for me? *OR This will never work in my business it's different here in (insert city name)


Answer: I think you'd be surprised how many people say the same thing.  The strategies contained in this program work regardless of what part of the country you live in or your specific product mix/ target market.  Heck, even if you do some of them wrong, your sales will probably still increase.  In addition, I'll show you so many different strategies so it is almost impossible for you NOT to find several that you can start using right away.  Remember, all the strategies I give you are from real businesses all over the USA.



Question # 2: How do I get started?


Answer: Because most of the strategies contained in this program are going to be new to you, I always recommend that you read the Lead Generation Marketing Manual cover to cover first.  This will introduce you to many of the concepts and give you a good overview.  Reading the all the information contained in each Special Report give you even more ideas. Then I would select 1 or 2 strategies that you find most interesting and that you know you can do. 


Question # 3: How many strategies do you suggest I implement?


Answer:  Don't try to do too many at once. Get a few up and running first and then add a few more each month.  Then experiment and refine as you go along.  It's better that you do a few strategies really well then do 20 poorly.  The actual number of strategies that you decide to implement is not as important as making sure that each strategy you implement is effective. 


Question # 4: How much time will it take before I start to see results of my efforts?


Answer: As with just about anything, the more time and effort you put into some of these strategies, the quicker you'll see the results.  After you go through the entire Lead Generation Program, I would select 2 of the strategies that you think are easiest for you to implement.  Get those up and running before you move onto any more.  Depending on which strategies you choose, you should begin to see results in a very short time.


Question # 5: Can I really put these programs on auto pilot?


Answer: Absolutely.  The lead generation strategies I show you can be systemized.  That means that once you implement the strategy, there is very little you need to do other than check in, tweak or update the program to be sure your goals are being met. 


Question # 6: What if I am not happy with your program?


Answer: As remote as that situation may be, if you are not happy for any reason, I want you to send it back to me for a full refund.  Click Here to Read My Guarantee


Question # 7: How long after I place my order will I have access to all the information?


Answer:  All the information are available within in a few minutes.  You'll be automatically directed to a special download page and also sent an e-mail confirmation with your download links.


Question # 8: Is it safe to use my credit card when paying for your program?


Answer: To provide a confidential and secure payment facility, all credit card purchases are processed by PayPal although you DO NOT  need to have a Pay Pall account.  When you go to the checkout page, you'll be given an option to use Visa, MasterCard or American Express.